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Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine

PE-MAG-FB-COVER-LOGOI created this magazine not to be the best or be competition to the other fine paranormal magazines out there, but as another place for paranormal thoughts, ideas to be explored and enjoyed. For me I love reading different thoughts and views about the paranormal. With that in mind I am proud of the writing staff we have and what they bring to the table. Our staff contains both believers & skeptics – the two sides of the paranormal coin.

We plan on covering as many paranormal topics as possible as we continue to grow. We are always looking for new writers and reviewers on all topics: ghosts, skepticism, U.F.O., cryptids, legends, unexplained mysteries, shows, movies, etc.

I hope as well you the reader comments on what you read as I encourage the authors to be active in responding to thoughts & questions. A true community of thinkers/investigators and those who just love everything paranormal. In closing be on the look out for new posts & the announcement about the magazine when its ready for Issue 1, vol. 1!

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Adventures of the Four Horsemen: Prologue

Very long ago an event was set in motion to things you’d never comprehend or ever truly want too, though some would say it was the beginning of light cracking through into the darkness or maybe it was the other way around in a dark church somewhere in between. It holds a man and a priest in a dark red cloak with symbols adorning it who shakes his head as as he states:
“You really think this the way it needs to be?”
The other man looks up from the pew as he slowly responds:
“I deserve this….”
The cloak fluttlers in the wind as the priest says:
“What about the others? Do they? Be honest….”
He swallows hard as a tear comes to his eye and staring the priest directly in the eyes he replies:
“It’s time, we all explore this world without the ties that bind…..”
The priest tilts his head as he questions:
“You do realize you’re punishing yourself for your own actions, but forcing that sentance on them as well…. Yes?”
Staring at the rings on his fingers as they glisten in the light he sighs:
“Its best for us all….”
The priest nods as he speaks:
“I can do what u ask… They will forget as will you but I can not sever your connection to her – her face will haunt your dreams, and her name will be forever on the tip of your tongue but never able to be remembered…”
His eyes never leaves the priests as he says:
“Is that all?”
The priest laughs shaking his head giggling:
“You are mad to want this, but I control not when you will be called to gather them… It may be a day or a billion years… You will still answer that call…”
He thinks to himself stroking his beard it’s better this way its what he deserves….. A million faces and places flash through his mind as he mutters:
“Forgive me my love…..”

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Counting Stars

He sits on the porch of his cabin, watching nature pass him by . The night sky with full moon shines down illuminating everything, but the thoughts jumbling around his soul. He checks his phone: no voice mail, no missed calls, and no texts. Is anyone out there still he thinks… He spots a brick in the yard and smiles, remembering the days they shared and breathes she took from him. Ah the days that they never wanted to end, but Continue reading Counting Stars